GoPhygital developed an intriguing tool called book2look that helps marketing books using the power of internet and also leverage social media in promos of the book. It's a viral marketing tool that is comprehensive enough for discovering variant books belonging to horde different categories. Book2look helps a publisher, even an individual author to gain access to global market and affiliation systems. With its expertise assistance, the person gets to build an audience for the narrative for a lifetime. With more than sixty thousand books available on the site, it started in Germany and has extended to publishers in US, UK and Spain and growing.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Our skilled team at GoPhygital developed an Admin Panel for the publishers with many astounding features that make book2look exceptionally convenient and user friendly. This panel was built using the core programming part C# and database SQL Server, HTML 5, CSS3, MVC5 design patterns architect and .NET Framework 4.5.

The front end of the admin panel provides the publishers with a dashboard displaying a brief summary of the publishers Biblets and the corresponding response. The dashboard provides different sorts of information like the number of views on each Biblet, per month, a statistic chart that denotes the readership and popularity of the uploaded publications across the tenure of its existence on book2Look, and other indications like Shopclicks counter and Recent Biblets. The technology used in loading the front end is JSON, Knockout JS, Bootstrap, BIDS, SSRS (reporting services) and SSAS, SSIS.

The Creator menu in the Dashboard provides you with different options like Library - which gives you a complete list of your uploaded books with detailed information while Create Biblet - helps in creating a Biblet. We created XML, WCF, WS (Windows Services), and Web services for the assisting in the back end for the Creator menu.

Similar to Creator menu, the admin panel has many more useful characteristics that help the publishers in reassigning Biblets, accessing book wall, customizing settings and many more. One of the major highlight is that the panel helps the publishers in generating detailed reports of the Biblets that will be mailed to the publishers. The technology behind it is jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Overall, the admin panel provides the user with an immense variety of features that one can possibly ask for.

HTML Biblet

HTML Biblet

Our visionary team of programmers and designers at GoPhygital has redesigned the pre-existing HTML Biblet from square one to meet the ever growing needs of the diverse digital devices and their divergent display resolutions. The technology used to build this remarkably convenient tool was HTML5, jQuery and CSS.

A Biblet is a significant route to read and share excerpts of your favorite books and an exceptionally viral marketing tool for publishers to gain sizeable audience for their books.

It has many uniquely comprehensive features like sharing, bookFeed (book reviews), library (similar or related books), and metadata about the book, etc. The interface language can also be changed to various foreign languages. A new update with a vision to cover a large global audience.

The Value Take-away

An advance admin panel that has commendable features from which the publishers can benefit and a completely redesigned HTML Biblet, that acts as an exceptionally well viral marketing tool.

Web Link: http://www.book2look.com/

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google